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This July Ethiopia hosts the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, bringing together high-level political representatives, including Heads of State and Government, and Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Multilateral Development Bodies, as well as all relevant institutional stakeholders, non-governmental organisations and business sector entities. Over 7000 delegates are expected to attend the weeklong conference. 

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what's out Addis prize competitionTake part in our quiz "Where is this".  New winner every month! Great prizes! You just need to guess where is the location on the picture. 

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Dear Friends

Our “Earth from the Air” cover story featuring Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is a tremendous, well established and highly regarded global project and we can’t wait to see the picture exhibition at Alliance Francaise! Coincidentally his great grandfather edited the book “Travel to Abyssinia” back in 1845!

Ever eager to promote and highlight Ethiopia, we incorrectly sourced information that Ethiopia was the Third Richest Country in Africa in the last issue. The standard way of defining is usually measured by the total gross domestic product (GDP); sourced from Ethiopia is 71 out of 100 ($139.4 billion and up 91.4% - 2014 IMF statistics) and Ethiopia is considered to have one of the fastest growing economies of the world!  Nigeria is rated as the richest African country. In this issue we also profile entrepreneurs both home and abroad and highlight how their ties to Ethiopia and upbringings define their lives today.

See you in May!



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Prize for what's out copetitionTake part in our quiz "Where is this".  New winner every month! Great prizes!

You just need to guess where is the location on the picture. Fill out a form HERE and you will enter into a competition! We collect the names of all people who entered the competition and randomly select winners every month! Winners will be announced in the next issue of what's out Addis and online on this page.

Have Fun and good luck!

Customers Feedback

Dear What's out,

Dear What's Out! team,??I am happy that you go back your old format with excellent design and articles. Hope you got a lots of email from your readers appreciating you going back to the old format ........yeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy happy happy..........

Mimi Teshome


What’s Out! rocks! Awesome headlines!


 What’s Up, What’s Out?

Ah...kinda not easy to say that to you. Would’ve been easier if you were something like Jack. LOL! Anyhow, I just read the rendezvous and I also felt compelled to offer my thoughts. I love your paper and I would love to contribute someday.


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